Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Diamond Workshop 'Beyond 4Cs'

First time attended...
Diamond Workshop Series..
"Beyond 4Cs"
By Le Lumiere,
At Gold Heart, Sunway Pyramid...

Very interesting...
To get to know more knowledge...
All about diamonds....

GoldHeart's wedding rings,
Are really beautiful!~

Speech by Vincci Liew,
Assistant Manager,
Marketing & E-Business...
Of GoldHeart Collections Sdn Bhd...

After the workshop...
I understand more about Diamond...

The most amazing part is:
Having a chance,
To wear necklace & earrings...
With expensive diamonds....

I wish I could take it back though...
*Greedy grins*

Oh ya!
Happy 21st anniversary...
To GoldHeart Malaysia!


  1. Woahh!!! so expensive. but it's still girl's best friend :)

  2. Hahah i want that diamond too! :) can see but cannot afford to buy

  3. You're lucky to get to try on the jewelleries. Like you said, its rare to be able to try those expensive stones. Hohoho. The necklace design in the poster of the first picture is so prettyyy <3

  4. oh wow that's an expensive ring hahaha I guess I would rather spend the money on food

  5. Wow... that is a good chance to try wear diamonds for real... heheheh.......lucky girl!!!

  6. Wah! I cant imagine me wearing that RM33K earrings hehehe.

  7. Like they always say, a girl is a diamonds best friend ;)

  8. Wow shining diamond, every woman's precious dream :)

  9. This is the first time I hear of a diamond "workshop"... What a great way to learn more about diamonds, a girl's best friend.

  10. Awh Happy 21st to Goldheart Malaysia as well :) Good to see that they are still going strong with their achievements. Cheers to the share Kylie.

  11. understand the diamond,
    ask hubby to get one for u! ahehe