Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hair Makeover @Daisuke Salon

As promised.....
I'm going to reveal...
The transformation of~~~~
Mummy's hairstyle!~

Main hairstylist,
Very pretty and friendly...
Ms Rene...

Love the way she cut my mummy's hair....
Amazingly transform her crown....
Making her looks extra many years younger!~

Mummy wanted to try purple...
Affected by Disney's Descendants's Mal's purple's hair..

With her darker skin type....
Ms Amanda suggested,
To have brighter colour...
Of course,
She trusted professional advice...
And the effect turn out to be super amazingly nice!!~

Started off by bleaching hair....
Such a long wait...
But fret not,
Daisuke Salon is a super comfy place!~

I think this is to speed up a bit,
The bleaching process?
Not really sure though~~~

I like the colour tune....
From bright to dark~~~
It looks so wonderful!~

This is one very important step....
Finding all the grey and white hair....
And transform it to black!~
No more grey hair definitely means,
Looking YOUNGER!~

Checking out each and every inch of hair!~
Making sure everything is 100% perfect!~

Dying the most beautiful colour....

It's another waiting period...
But trust me,
Everything's worth the wait....

Wrapping up the whole process,
Of hair makeover....

All these beauitful photos...
Snapped by Daisuke-san....

Personally think...
Mummy looks extra pretty,
Through his lenses....
Even with zero make up!~

He's not only a professional hair stylist,
He's also a professional photographer!~

Last but not least.....
Proudly showing off.....
The final outcome!~

Special thanks Daisuke Salon...
For the wonderful hair makeover experience!!!~


For more information,
Kindly visit Daisuke Salon's page:
Or hop over to Daisuke Salon's Facebook page..
Address: C-25-01, 3 Two Square, No. 2, Jalan 19/1,
               46300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Phone: 03-7960 0140
Opening hours: Tue - Sat 10am - 8pm
                          Sun         10am - 6pm


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  1. wow, love your new color. Nice hair cut too, suit you. SO young now hehe.. with your son time people thought you with bro. :D

  2. Great hair choice and yes, it does makes her younger. I wonder how much does it cost.

    1. Hair cut by Daisuke - RM 120

      Hair cut by senior stylist - RM 50

      Colour - RM 200 onwards

  3. Woah look younger with bright color like this! :) Nice one!!

  4. I love the outcome! Really nicely done! I want my hair to be pink too!

  5. you're right, daisuke takes really really nice photos.

  6. Love your hair... looks so pretty..... Hehehe...

  7. Love your end part of your hair, looks so pretty. But you will need to take good care of your hair to prevent it overdried ya :)

    1. I'm working hard on this.. haha~~~ Really need to maintain after colour...

  8. The new color looks good on you Kylie dear :) Like the ombre effect it gives ;)

  9. Nice touch of purple shades in your hair! I can feel you, last time I bleach my hair literally sitting there whole day but the result is satisfying :) Do remembered to use colour shampoo to protect your hair ya :)

  10. I like the purple highlights it gives you a more vogue and edgy looks even with minimum makeup.

  11. Love your fashionable hair color, really nice leh the red gradient :)

  12. whoa so pretty! How long did you wait in the salon?

  13. Wow nice lah. Love the purple! I wanna make my hair like this too.