Friday, October 23, 2015

Trium Card 1st Anniversary

Trium Card..
Celebrated its 1st Anniversary....
With an exclusive fashion showcase....

1st anniversary,
Marks a significant milestone,
For the programme,
Which has garnered..
More than 120,000 members nationwide...
Within a year...

In conjunction with its anniversary,
An exclusive Trium Card Anniversary collection,
By Nichii..
Featuring a myriad of colours and silhouettes,
Was showcased at their store,
In Mid Valley Megamall...

The Trium Card Anniverary Collection..
Features two distinct yet cohesive lines,
Made of a 60's bohemian vibe,
And contemporary alternative styles....

The Trium Card Anniversary Collection..
Is priced from...
RM29.90 to RM129.90.

Essentially a cardless programme,
Trium Card combines the best of 3 brands:
Nichii, Kitschen and Dressingpaula...

Apart from the basic benefits..
Of being awarded free 100 Trium Points,
During their birthday month,
Trium Card Members are also given the opportunity,
To shop at new store locations,
With pre-credited e-voucher in t heir profiles,
And special-tier exclusive offers...

Top 20 Trium Card Shoppers,
Will be awarded with
RM300 Trium e-voucher,
And for Tier Two,
Top 30 Card shoppers will be awarded,
With RM100 Trium e-voucher...

Trium Card Loyalty Programme,
Was launched in August 2014...
To reward loyal shoppers...
For the 3 main retail brands....

The loyalty programme rewards members...
With 1 Trium Card point,
For every RM1.00 spent...

Members can access the Loyalty Programme,
Via its Mobile App 'Trium Card'
Which is available on the Apple App Store,
And Android Google Play,
Or via website

Upon accumulation of 500 Trium Points,
A RM50 e-voucher is rewarded to its member.

In conjunction with the 1st Anniversary celebration...
Newly registered members,
Will received a RM20.00 e-voucher upon registration..
And all existing members,
Will also enjoy an exclusive one-day 2x points with Trium Card.

The Trium Card Loyalty Programme,
is a partnership with service provider, Fusionex.

Moving forward,
Trium Card and Fusionex will work..
To further develop the system..
Focusing especially on customer gratification...

For more information on Trium Card:
Please visit:

For more information on Nichii,
Please hop over to


  1. Now that I know of this card, I too would like to have one. It is so difficult to resist shopping!

  2. an exclusive privilege member card . will appy it ,if im visit niishi again.

  3. many nice clothes to choose from. But I find the dresses too long, not suit for me. :(

  4. Those are amazing outfits to keep a look out for. And i've just recently signed up as a truim card member! :D

  5. time to buy new bra. don't know they have card too. I need to check this out!

  6. the clothes look amazing and thanks for introducing me to Trium Card

  7. Glad I am a member and it is nice now that they have the app... all you have to do is log in and everything is cashless

  8. I love the new design showcase. Need to apply the card first to get more benefit before start my shopping spree at Nichii.

  9. wow~~ I like to style in bohemian sometimes too! and the models were so pretty~~ thanks for letting me that those clothes are from nichii! tq~

  10. Oh their new collection looks nice! I find that Nichi has a lot of varieties, and one is bound to be able to get something they like there :)

  11. I saw many blogger post regarding this review. I should try apply for their card and earn points and more rewards if I shop with Nichii as i buy from Nichii often

  12. it's always good to attend events such as this for more exposure. I didnt know about this card until i read it here.

  13. This is my first time heard about Trium. Didn't know it collab with nichii. O___O

  14. heard a lot of this trium card. love the fashion show, it must have been fun to be there.

  15. My favorite clothing store - Nichii!! Okay, I need to apply this card.

  16. Beautiful shots. I got one of the dresses they showcase. Can't wait to wear it out :D