Thursday, November 19, 2015

Genting Day Trip - Chin Swee + Ed Alonzo Magic

My day trip starts with a feast,
Offering variety of choices of food...
I filled my tummy full full...
Before proceeding to a walk.....
In Chin Swee Temple...

I truly enjoy the walk....
Sky Terrace.....
Totally attracted...
By the Huge Buddha...

My favourite part..
Is the 'meeting' the characters...
Of   !

All the kids bloggers,
Are enjoying ourselves..
By imitating their pose!~

We truly enjoying,
Our very own version  of...

After the visit in Chin Swee Temple...
We had magical moment..
With the Misfit of Magic:
Ed Alonzo!~
It's truly impressive,
To combine comedy into magic!~
The show is superb for sure!~

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Genting Day Trip - Chin Swee + Ed Alonzo Magic


  1. Such a nice trip to able to enjoy the trip to Genting and Magic Show =D

  2. thats really a fruitful trip with nice scenery, good food and magic show right? :) I have been to chin swee for so many times now, looks like everything is still very well maintained

  3. Unfortunately had to miss this trip but it looks really fun. The buffet lunch looks tempting and nice to see other places of attraction at Genting

  4. I've stayed and dined at chin swee temple before too. Unfortunately, my thoughts of the food, it was too 'flavourful' as in too much artificial flavouring thrown in. Not sure if they have improved better now.

  5. Have been to Chin Swee Temple a long time ago, luckily when I was there it was quite empty so managed to roam around but since the place is very big, we end up only seeing a few places and mostly gathered around the Sky Terrace only

  6. Love to go to Genting to watch this magic show because I like it and find it fascinating.

  7. It's a wonderful short local trip. Inspired me to plan my family trip. Thanks dear. :)

  8. Nots ure whether you are talking about the same event as the other who went to genting or not lol

  9. Nice experience for you... wish I was there too

  10. Looks like you had a good time in genting. I heard a lot about their live magic show. Must buy their ticket one day :)

  11. Chin swee temple has indeed much educational value for visitor. With its cold weather is good for a walk

  12. My Little Angels enjoyed every moment there too. Having delicious food at Coffee Terrace and learning a useful information at the Temple.

  13. Sounds like you enjoyed your trip. hehe. Never been there myself before, thus i should make my way there soon! hehe

  14. i want to watch the magic show!! been hearing this for awhile. hopefully can get invited next time, hahaah

  15. It has been long time I did not visit Chin Swee Temple. Next time will visit Chin Swee Temple when visit Genting.

  16. i kinda miss genting it's been so long since i visited genting!

  17. Few of my friends are planning to go up Genting too this school holidays, will share your post with them :)

  18. What a wonderful day trip! I have to say I miss going to Genting.