Thursday, November 5, 2015

Gran's Remedy - Smelly No More

Received Gran's Remedy...
And a little warm note....
From the number one brand..
In New Zealand..
And now...
It's available in Malaysia...

Gran's Remedy..
For Smelly Feet and Footwear...
It is 100% effective,
For actively treating..
All 5 of the bacteria and fungi..
Known to cause smelly feet and footwear...

It treats the foot..
And the shoes,
At the same time...

I personally tried it out....
And discover the magic of..
What this 'white powder'...
Can do to my shoes and my feet....

Wanna measure...
My feet and my school shoe's

You're gonna be surprise,
With the outcome...
Totally no smelly at all!!!!!~~

Great news:
Key in discount code 'CRE8'
Upon checking out at
You'll enjoy 10% discount of Total amount payable!~

For more information,
Kindly hop over to:


  1. looks good for my leather shoes too :D especially when it is soaked with rain water

  2. hubby been use it . really effective. must try it.

  3. This is a great gift for a friend of mine.
    Do not want to hurt her feelings so gonna give this as a birthday present.

  4. Agree that Grans Remedy can eliminate the smelly feet. Say goodbye to smelly feet or footwear.

  5. yeah using for my boys shoes as well.
    I also put in my shoes

  6. loving this product... my shoes do not smell anymore.....

  7. This is a good remedy to clear away the bad shoes smells.

  8. Yeah now no more smelly shoes! A lot of ppl using this too! Gonna get one for myself too

  9. Been hearing so much about this product recently, would like to try it out too for my smelly smelly shoes ;)

  10. Love this product as it helps my home shoe cabinet no longer smelly :) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  11. i jus got this product too..i cant wait to try it out..

  12. I got this too but haven't gotten to trying it... my old fave shoe needs this haha.