Friday, January 29, 2016

FOX Themed Breakout Room

Pananormal activities...
Come to 'Life'

 At Breakout Nu Sentral....

The fans of The X-Files,
And other hit Same Day,
As the U.S. Series as..
First-ever Fox themed Breakout Room...
In South East Asia unveiled...

Ms Penny Tan,
Marketing Director,
FOX International Channels..
With VIPs of the day!~

Media Tour of~~
Code Name: FOX Room

It's really exciting..
To turn ourselves into FBI Agents,
Fox Mulder and Dana Scully!~

Experiencing to Code Name:
FOX Breakout Room...

Player will take on their first convert mission,
As part of the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR)
Under the orders of Howard Stark,
To investigate an off-limits zone,
Where crucial information is contained,
About extra-terrestrial life...

Catch The X-Files,
On FOX HD (Astro CH724),
Every Monday at 9pm!~

Visitors who want to experience and engage,
With the FOX characters outside the TV screen,
Can do so at the FOX themed breakout Room,
At Nu Sentral from 23 Jan to 23 Feb 2016.

For more information...


  1. I want to experience it too. Looks fun and interesting.

  2. Yes, read the news that x-files is back! Being detective is always been a dream to most men :) thrilled!

  3. Wow must try this place, i think its quite interesting as well.

  4. I missed out on this .. this is such a shame as I wanted so much to join in this event too...

  5. X files! I think I will sit in front of the TV every Monday 9pm now. :)

  6. Ahh soo cool! Saw this place the other day. and i wanna go!

  7. ooo, very nice wor. Never tried these type of escape rooms before. This may be my first :D

  8. It seem fun to me . X-files has been my favourite as I love to solve the case like CSR. hehe

  9. Has been long long time didn't watch X-files... Hahaa.. Thanks for sharing

  10. Interesting activity, will definitely check it out with my bunch of adventurous friends :)

  11. Nice! Seems like I need to explore the concept a bit more - will definitely check the place out.

  12. yay...X files is back. its a series which was a must watch for me back then. can't wait to rewatch my old ones and then start with the new series!