Friday, March 18, 2016

Kleenex Public Toilet Survival Kit

Going to toilet,
During outings...
Are unavoidable...

I always wish...
Our public toilet...
Is as cute as this....

Toilet bowl,
That even comes up with buttons...
To wash up,
Right after we do our 'business'...

We never know,
When we need to answer our nature call...
When it's 'emergency'...
And the one and only public toilet is available...
Doesn't appear to be just as those photos above...
And it's totally the opposite of it...
Super duper dirty...
Super duper messy...
Super duper smelly...

Floors covered with dirty water,
Smelly from un-flushed toilets,
Stained toilet seats,
Leaking taps,
No toilet paper....
No water.....

It's really a nightmare!!!!!~~

If we have a choice,
We won't even wanna step near it...
'E-M-E-R-G-E-N-C-Y' wor~~
How to wait?

Dirty or not,
Smelly or not...
Need to go inside....
Oh my!!!!!!!
What can we do???

Dang dang dang dang!~
Kleenex is coming to save my day...
By sending me a Public Toilet Survival Kit...
Kleenex is really lifesaver, superhero!~

Let's see what's inside the survival kit:

The kit consist of....
A glove...
So that I don't have to touch anything...


In case...
If I hurt myself,
Trying to manoeuvre the tiny cubicles...

A mask!
A must!!
The stench and odor...
In public toilet,
Is definitely too strong!~
For any one of us...

The super duper very most important thing..
In the survival kit is:
Kleenex Wet Toilet Tissue!~
With 99.9% assured clean...

It's small in size,
Light and easy to carry around,
Plus it's easy to use too!~

With Kleenex Wet Toilet Tissues,
Feel fresh and confident,
Whenever and wherever you need to use the toilet,
Giving a 'home-clean' feel...

Go away!!!~~

Kleenex Wet Toilet Tissues,
Available in 3 sizes:
a pack of 10 sheets,
That can be placed in one's pocket or handbag,
(RPP RM2.10),
A value-saving pack of 3,
(RRP RM5.80),
Or a 40-sheet pack..
(RRP RM7.40)
All 3 sizes are now available,
In leading hypermarkets and supermarkets nationwide..

Request a free sample pack,
And participate in a simple quiz contest,
To win a year's supply of Kleenex Wet Toilet Tissue,
By registering at

For more information on Kleenex,
Log on to Kleenex Malaysia Facebook page
Or call Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line,
At 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free)
On weekdays from 9am to 5pm..


  1. yeah good to have this. find it useful to go toilet..son also used it

  2. I've been carrying wet tissue with me all the time to prevent this! Glad that kleenex is so thoughtful to come out with such product.

  3. Haha I also wish our Malaysian toilets are as cute as the Hello Kitty toilet but that is just a dream. Great to have Kleenex wet wipes to solve our toilet problems

  4. good hygience product. will try it out soon

  5. yes yes, nightmare go away please!! :D i wanna win the one year supply from kleenex too

  6. Lol not really sure why we are really trying hard to use all the masks Nak berak atas loo yang kotor. Haha you know because when we berak we will have a lot of great imagination and please don't let the smelly jamban destroyed our imagination ! Hahaha

  7. Haha... so much stuff to bring out. But for hygiene purpose, it is sure useful.

  8. this is such a great help to end toilet's nightmare! i will definitely stock them up.

  9. Some public toilet really yucks! I think this kit come in handy when we need it.

  10. have always trusted the kleenex brand :) great idea to use it for toilet bowls

  11. Kleenx is a great brand. Yes, we need to be fully equipped before entering public toilets. they can be so unclean!

  12. This is very handy especially when travelling with young kids. Thanks for sharing!

  13. oh i wish our public toilet is always pretty and cute like that too! but of coz you know, most is not so kleenex really is necessary.

  14. Lolx! I definitely need that mask! I almost vomited in mid valley toilet ytd... That horrible stench! Also cos I'm pregnant lagi sensitive to scents