Monday, March 7, 2016

Kongratz from Kidzania Congrezz Kid

So happy...
When I see the word 'Kongratz!'
That means,
I must be well-prepared,
For another round of challenge!~

Resume submitted,
Video shoot and edited,
Tried to get as many votes as I could via online...
Interview attended.....
And now..
The very final round....
A Campaign!!!!!!

I need to get EVERYONE,
Inside Kidzania..
To vote for me!!!

If you happens to drop by Kidzania,
Remember to cast your precious vote to me:
Tan Ee Vynn...

If you prefer to vote for a handsome boy,
Can always look for my kor kor's name:
Tan Ee Sean!~

If you are kind enough,
To vote for both of us...
We'll be really happy and thankful,
For everyone's support....

So excited and can't wait..
For the final round of shortlisted candidates...
Hope I still can spot our name,
After the very final round of shortlisting!~
Praying hard~~~~~
And looking forward,
For a whole year of wonderful Kidzania's adventure!!!

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