Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Magic - Snow - Food - Shop @Genting

Feels so happy...
I'm going to see and touch the snow..
In Snow World, Genting!!!

Love their easter egg activities...
So fun!!!

The food factory's food...
Is really amazingly nice....
Hop over to our kitchen's blog..
For more photos on the food..
And most amazingly..
Kids just have to pay for RM10 for the buffet!!
Eat all you can!!
So worth!

Aaron Crow...
How he communicate with the audiences,
On stage,
Without saying a single word!!!

He's such an amazing mentalist!!!

And oh yes!
I like how to gymnast and aerialist performing...
Their body is so flexible and light and beautiful!~
Stunningly graceful!

It's not just a one-of-the-kind magic show, indeed!!

Spot this jelly fish..
At Sea the World shopping area...
Cute stuff we can found under the sea,
Are sold here....

I'm truly looking forward,
For another day of fun-filled day,
In Genting Highland..
As a kid blogger!!!

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  1. yeah love magic show to see. shall go again with family

  2. Genting Highlands is the renowned city of Entertainment and it never fails to impress... love all the activities you shared here

  3. What a great time you had. I wished I have the chance to be fed and entertained like you!

  4. This is great, everything under one roof.

  5. It would be nice to 'hide' at Genting now, so hot the weather >.<

  6. Haven't been to Genting for so long. With this hot and humid weather, I might pay Genting a visit and go watch these shows too!

  7. so nice to enjoy everything in one place ;D i miss genting already! kl is too hot for me hahah

  8. Grateful magic show. Nanti I pergi tengok magic show wohoo

  9. Oh it looks like such fun - should definitely make a trip there and take a look- it has been quite awhile already since I had last been there.

  10. wow.. so magic. quite long time x ke genting
    since 200+. hehehehe...