Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum

Thanks to Oceanlife Marketing...
I finally found a serum....
That's effective enough...
After trying it out...
For 2 weeks......

Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum,
Is clinically tested and proven,
For it's whitening,
And brightening effect...

With immediate correction for:
Dark spots,
Uneven skin tone,
Dull Complexion,
Loss of firmness,
Acne Scars...

Sounds like after using this product...
Gonna have skin of our dreams?
Instantly and over time....

Trying out this powerful repairing & whitening serum,
Patented by SWISS Nano-technology...
Is Swiss Quality Product...
That's not tested on animals...

Oh my!
Just take a look at the moisturizing effect!
It really INSTANTLY repairing damaged skin,
And restoring very beautiful,
Even and radiant skin!

The combination of Natural Arbutin, Glutathlone,
Vitamin C & E benefits skin to:

Help to restructure and repair outer and deeper skin,
Leading to a visible improvement,
In skin smootheness, fair and glowing effect...
Ultimately regenerated for youthful healthy skin..

Absorbs easily at the deepest level of skin,
And add densitiy to the skin towards elasticity,
Firmness and youthful skin.
Skin becomes even, brighter and reflects light for a radiant look..

Protects against damage caused by UV radiation,
By neutralizes oxidative processes,
Reduces free radicals and acts against aging...
It also acts as a powerful antioxidant,
And helps to restore Vitamin E to the skin..

Love the smell of Ephyra Advanced repair serum..
The left photo,
Smelling the aroma of the serum...
Was snapped immediately after receiving the product,
Before started to use it....

The right photo...
Is my skin condition,
After using it for 2 weeks...

I love how smooth my skin is now..
This is one very effective serum!!!~

Compare the skin condition of my face..
For both the photo...
It's really much more smoother,
With much more even skin tone...
My puffy eyes and wrinkles getting lesser,
And it's really looks natural and nice,
Without any make up....
For the right photo...

The benefit of Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum:
1. Reduce Acne,
2. Diminish scars from acne
3. Firming of the skin
4. Diminish dark spots,
5. Increase skin radiance,
6. Repair uneven skin tone,
7. Maintain hydration of skin,
8. Diminish puffy under eyes,
9. Repair sunburnt
10. Give a natural glowing effect...

3 steps to truly youthful skin:
1. Wash and dry face.
2. Apply Ephyra Skin Nano Advanced Repair Serum evenly to face.
3. Allow time for product to absorb. 
Use daily for maximum effect...

It is suitable for all skin types,
And all skin tone...
Apply every day and night alone,
Or after usual skincare routine.
With daily application,
Ephyra Skin Nano improves texture and clarity,
And contributes to a more beautiful, 
Balanced and glowing complexion..

Original Price: RM88 (West Malaysia) - RM92 (East Malaysia)
Promotion Price: RM68 (West Malaysia) - RM72 (East Malaysia)

For more infomation,
Kindly visit www.oceanlife2u.com
Or Instagram @ephyra2u


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