Monday, April 11, 2016

Mary Kay TimeWise

Mummy wanna look instantly younger...
She is trying out...
Mary Kay Timewise Microdermabrasion Plus Set,
Worth RM350...

Step 1:
TimeWise Microdermabrasion Refine,
70g, RM175...
To polished, smooth skin in an instant...

Featuring the same key exfoliating ingredient,
Used by many dermatologists,
Microdermabrasion Refine:
Reduces the appearance of fine lines..
Immediately refines skin's texture..
Removes surface dead skin cells and buildup from pores...

After cleansing while face is still wet,
Squeeze a little refine...

Use finger tips to move around the skin..
Until it's evenly applied on the face...

Wash away and see the 'magic'!

Step 2:
TimeWise Pore Minimizer,
29ml, RM175..
For smaller-looking pores,
For flawless-looking skin...

A NEW twice-daily defense,
Against the look of enlarged pores..

Pore Minimizer:
Significantly reduce the visible number of pores...
Gives close-up confident skin...
And results will get better over time..
Comfort skin and reduce the appearance of redness...

Press twice...
And apply all over the face..

Feeling skin ain't the same again!~
Much more refreshing,
Much more younger,
Much more smoother....

The changes are:
Dramatically improves skin's apperance...
Visibly improves the look of fine line...

The very drastic changes..
On the skin at the same place:
Can you notice,
The pores on mummy's face..
Really significantly shrinks?

And the skin ain't that dull anymore...

This is really what I call it..

Thanks to Mary Kay,
For letting me seeing...
THe true magic in what a product can really do!~

This is so A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!


  1. thanks for sharing, will get one as mother's day present for my mummy !

  2. its look like these products is for ladies only or even boys can use them by the way nice product

  3. Heard about this series before ~ I havent use yet because currently using another series of Mary Kay ~ Will try it when finish^^

  4. Can see that the pores really close up after application. Not bad. I kinda need one for myself.

  5. Wow... this product can help us to be fairer ya? Will share with my aunt and cosuie about this. Thanks for sharing yo.. ^.^

  6. im a fan of marykay products too :) so good for the skin right?

  7. I love these May Kay products...definitely planning to get more in future..

  8. WOW.. i would like to get my hands on one to try too! Looks too good to be true! HAHAHA..

  9. Tried some Mary Kay product before but still haven't try this one, thanks for Sharing

  10. I used before!!really can see the different!!

  11. What a drastic change on your skin. I love comparing Before & After shots. Thanks for recommending.

  12. Yes, as a Mom, I also want to look younger. Would try Mary Kay for sure.

  13. Looks really effective on pores hehe! I love their pinkish packaging so cute <3

  14. Mary Kay is a wonderful brand in the market and love to try my hands on it.

  15. That is really drastic changes!!! I will go check it out. Maybe buy as wedding gift for my sister

  16. Mary Kay products are really good and well known world wide even my friend in NZ that has a boutique started selling only this brand

  17. i wanna look young instantly too... can buy for me also? hehehe. :D

  18. Been hearing so many good reviews about this, would like to try out the product as well :)

  19. I used this before. But my skin not suitable. Thanks for sharing.