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Shila Amzah's Voice for The Powerpuff Girls

Multi-award winning Malaysian Singer,
Shila Amzah...
Has been choosen to sing..
The Malay and Mandarin cover,
Of The Powerpuffs Girls theme song...
Entitled 'Whose Got The Power'

The opening track for this reimgaines series,
Is set to pump up..
The return of the all-time favourite,
On 2 May 2016 (Monday)
On Cartoon Network (Astro CH616)...

With a punchy pop punk tone,
I'll really love to hear...
The difference tune,
Of The Powerpuff Girls Theme Song!~

Shila's bubbly personality and power vocal abilities,
Mirrors the energy and vibe of the song and the series....

The reimgined series,
Was produced to reflect a more fun,
Sassy and rock pretty side for the series....

Stay tune at Cartoon Network...
For the loveable Powerpuff Girls:
Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup...
With theme song featuring Shila Amzah!~


  1. Awwwwww! I went to youtube to search about these! Great and nice! :D

  2. I love Shila voice too. Great that I can hear her voice now thru the Cartoon Network.

  3. wow!! I love shila's voice ~ She is a talented singer ! ;)

  4. I like shila!!! Her voice really really really nice!!!!

  5. it's good hear that Shila is singing the theme song of Powderpuff Girls. I always adore her.. She done a good job. She makes Malaysians proud of her! <3

  6. Great job shila!! she's have been progressing so well in china.

  7. Aww... feel so sweet when get to know Shila is singing PPG theme song... <3

  8. oh serious didn't know she's the voice for powerpuff girls song now, great for her!


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