Monday, May 23, 2016

Barbie: World Of Endless Possibilities

World Of Endless Possibilities Exhibition...
Media Launch......
In Sunway Pyramd, 
Orange Concourse...
Launch Opening Stage act...
By Students from Lorna Whiston...

You can be anything!~

On-stage sharing session..
Of substance of today..
Emcee Belinda Chee,
Celebrity Chef Anis Nabilah,
Fashion designers from Azura Azwa:
Azwa Elena & Azura Liyana,
And Country Manager of Southeast Asia:
Petrina Kho....

Group Photo..
With Anis Nabilah,
Azwa Elena,
Azura Liyana,
Petrina Kho..
Carol Chua (Country Manager of Toy "R" Us)
And students from Lorna Whiston

The exhibition mainly covers:
Barbie Around The World..
Barbie Imagination,
Barbie Careers...
Barbie Then & Now,
Barbie, The Muse,
The Evolution of Barbie...

Barbie Around The World...
Barbie has imprinted herself,
Into pop culture,
And society around the world..
Barbie Around the World
Features her in prominent pop culture,
And societies around the world...
Truly impressed,
By the collections of Barbie..
From very limited edition...
To the very beautiful Barbie...

From 1959,
Where Barbie makes her debut,
At toy fair in New York City...
Until now...
Barbie's every girls..
All time favourite...
Scotland Barbie..

Barbie Imagination:
Barbie knows there's no dream too big..
Or wish too far-reaching..

Barbie's imagination showcases,
Some of wildest adventures,
Serving as inspiration,
For every girl to live out their dreams..
And make a different...

Jewel Hair Mermaid Barbie..

Rock 'N Royals..

Secret Agent..
Looks super cool...

Barbie Careers...
Truly fit the theme of..
You can be anything!~

For more information..
Hop over to...


  1. wow those are some old Barbies! And the girl dressed in a pink beret is so cute!

  2. i was a fan of barbie when i was a kid!! :D Love it so much ahhahaha.

  3. I am barbie girl, in a barbie world~~~ who doesn't love this sweetie barbie girl? =P

  4. I always believe that barbie is adults collection. not kids toy :D

  5. I really love some of those barbies... they are just so gorgeous... I loved those designer ones especially.. my daughter of course love the fantasy ones...mermaid/fairies etc...

  6. Awww didn't know barbie doll in so many cute and limited costume! So cool, bet all child gonna love it :D

  7. I'm not a fan of Barbie because my parents couldn't afford one for me. I would love to check this out, though.

  8. Barbie! So pretty and so lovely! My girls' FAV too.

  9. I was growing up with Barbie, it brought so much fun to my childhood :)

  10. aww! the kids must have had enjoy themselves here!

  11. Hoho.. so cute. My daughter love barbie so much. Now dah spm tak nak dah. Bagi org semua collection dia..

  12. Awh should have brought my niece here - she would have absolutely loved the showcase. What a lovely collection.

  13. I grow up with barbie dolls and still keep my collection at my house till now.

  14. I went to this... and I miss my barbie moment so much.