Friday, May 27, 2016

Herbaline Puchong - Spa Party

It's really relaxing..
To have a spa party,
Right after working hour...

Visited Herbaline Puchong,
For the first time....
My second visit to Herbaline..
First visit was in Pandan Indah branch..
It's indeed a very wonderful relaxing session..

Warm welcome by..
Beautiful girls!~

Had a shoulder and hand massage...
So~~~~ Comfortable!~

Soaking tired feet..
In warm sea salt water...
For 5 minutes...

A foot bath:
Effective anti-bacteria,
Foot Spa...

Something very special...
Sea Salt Room..

I know,
The photo looks a bit dark..

Camera break down..
Sent to 'doctor'..
Snapping using phone only~~
Sorry for the quality ya...

But I can ensure you that...
The environment is super comfy...
Playing around hiding feet,
Inside bunch and bunch of sea salt...

Washing time...
After coming out,
From the sea salt room..

Peeping their facial rooms..

 As well as massage room...

A word from Marc,
Before proceeding to..
A yummy feast...
In MamaKim next door!~

Stay tune for my delicious post ya!~

For more information on Herbaline:
Kindly visit:
Or their facebook:


  1. fun spa indeed, time to pamper self.

  2. Have never tried any spa before but this place looks good to be my first

  3. I miss spa time! Relaxing enough after hectic works & stress. Looking good, perhaps have a try to pamper myself there one day :D

  4. yay for SPA! I wanna go for a relaxing spa soon too

  5. ahhh..i need spa time before Raya..have to look fabulous during raya..hihi

  6. What an awesome time you had there. I would like to be pampered like that too one day. Every girl deserves some me time like that!

  7. Saw you girls in the salt room. So interesting!! It's like white sand

  8. I read so many positive reviews about this place, plan to give it a try as well :)

  9. Heard about this place and I think its a decent spa in the city for relaxation.

  10. Looks so relaxing, i also want to go and try someday!

  11. Herbaline is really a nice place to go - they have one near Seapark and its the place that I often frequent at since a couple of years ago. Great to know that they are doing so well.