Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Amez Care

Amez Care Functional Sanitary Pads..
Which consist of:
Amez Day (10's)
Amez Night (12's)
Amez Pantyliner (30's)

Contains herbal ingredients,
Such as:
Aloe, Peppermint, Tea Plant,
Chamomile and Lavender..

The opening of the packaging,
Is very hygenic...
Can always stick back,
After take one piece out..

It has unique 3D ergonomic leg cut,
Peforated ultra soft top-sheet,
Functional chip with Anion, Far-IR,
Nano Silver, Natural antibacterial action,
With herbal extracts,
Sterilized upper dust-free protective layer,
Ultra thin "Super absorbent Polymer" SAP Layer,
Sterilized Under dust-free protective layer,
100% anti-leak,
Strong adhersive,
Glue and PE Waterproof release paper,
Shield backteria wrapping..

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