Tuesday, September 20, 2016

b.liv deep impact

Special thanks to...
Asia Largest Beauty Review Community:

I get to try out...
A very good quality product...
b.liv deep impact...
Deep pores massage &
Cleansing Emulsion...

It's time to bring out..
Inner beauty out into the world..

This cleanser is white in colour..
Its emulsion delves deep,
To expel imperfections,
To reveal the true beauty of skin,
As it cleanses and massages face,
To porcelain perfection...
It also gently but effectively,
Exfoliates and clarifies skin...
That makes skin shine inside out..

Let's see what benefit,
This magical product,
Can do to our skin:

Cleanse pore gently;
Promote microcirculation,
For a healthy-pores skin..
Velvety smooth touch of skin..
Prevent blemishes and pores blockage...

Feels refresh..
After cleansing...
With b.liv deep impact...

Healthy skin is equal to healthy pores...

This white 'clay' is truly amazing!~
It's only selling at R65.00...

Don't hesitate,
To give it a try..
 I'm sure you'll like it!


  1. Its hard to find a good deep cleaner. I think most of the time they strip off too much leaving my skin a little dry and itchy. Maybe I'm just not using the right cleanser? As a guy, we don't know much of these things. :P

  2. Glad that it does not drying up our face after using it! The price looks affordable too =D

  3. not sure of this as I no try yet.
    good to know its suitable for your skin.

  4. Have read much about b.liv but wasn't really convinced until I read your review. Thanks for sharing. Will see if it's suitable for me.

  5. I love b.liv so much! Their other products are good too!

  6. totally believe in b.live! living it up :D

  7. Absolutely love b.liv and I have been an avid user of their Quench Me Moisturizer for the longest time and it has been fantastic. Good to know that deep impact worked wonderfully for you.

  8. B.liv is a pretty good brand.. I tried it before and it worked for me......

  9. I read so many good reviews about this brand, plan to give it a try as well :)