Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Wyeth discover the joy of learning

Wyeth Nutrition,
Discover the Joy of Learning...
Discusses the importance of independence,
And encouraging confidence in children...

#LetThemLearn Campaign,
Educates parents...
On the benefits of letting children,
Learn to be more independent...

The bold initiative provides,
A platform for parents,
To embrace independent learning..
And gives children opportunity,
To self-discover...

Welcome and Introduction..
By Daphne Iking....

Welcome note..
By Mohd Zaki Mohd Zin,
Marketing Director,
Wyeth Nutrition (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Discussion hosted by Ruth Liew,
Child Development Specialist...

Discussion 1:
Painting the big picture,
of over-parenting....

Discussion 2:
How to raise,
And independent child..

Discussion 3:
Cultivating your child's
Multiple Intelligence...

Table talk session.....

Love the quote of
"Teach a man to fish,
And you feed him for a lifetime...

Wyeth Nutrition taking pride,
In developing the 3 areas of Multiple Intelligence:
Body Smart,
Brain Smart,
And People Smart..

For more information on Wyeth Nutrition,
Kindly visit www.wyethnutrition.com.my
Or contact customer service 1-800-88-5526
WeChat: WyethNutritionMY


  1. Nice quote. I am goving my lil one milk by Wyeth

  2. Teach a man to fish, you really do feed him for a lifetime. This is very good for younger people to harness from a young age.

  3. Will check this out in their FB page. Thanks

  4. Great initiative by Wyeth and will support the campaign. To raise a smart child, we as a mother need to make learning a fun time instead.

  5. great Educate for parent and children ... great campaign

  6. loved attending these events when my daughter was little... now that she is grown, I do not attend this events anymore

  7. thanks for sharing...will check their FAcebook for more info!!

  8. Great awareness! Big responsibility to parent with young children.

  9. Will visit Wyeth website for more information. Wyeth has organize workshop or event to make the learning fun to kids.

  10. A very useful and informative session for parents by Wyeth. I will alert my friends who have toddlers to read this post.

  11. Thanks for sharing. Will visit their website for more info. =D

  12. This is a great for kids and the learning curve for them with this teaching would be wonderful too. Cheers to the share.

  13. "Teach a man to fish,
    And you feed him for a lifetime...

  14. This is a great workshop for the children and parents.

  15. Such a informative and good talk to spread the joy of learning! Thanks for the sharing!

  16. Joy of learning that's what we want our kids to experience everytime, with a balance of fun and still learning something.

  17. Yup agree with you, we need to encourage the kids to be more confidence and independent to face the harsh society nowadays :)

  18. Something every parent should attend to gain some insight!

  19. This event is quite informative ! Thanks for sharing !