Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kinohimitsu 2-day speed cleansing

Special thanks to Watsons,
For delivering Kinohimitsu 2-day Speed Cleansing,
To my doorstep......

It is designed,
With a busy modern lifestyle in mind,
To help body to detox, boost immunity and beautify skin.
It is easy, delicious and packed with potent active ingredients..
To complement healthy eating plan.

Kinohimitsu 2-day Speed Cleansing,
Consists of:
4 packs of Cleanse & Shape,
4 packs of Cleanse & Boost,
4 packs of Cleanse & Beauty..

With this10 Cleansing Goodnesses:
1. Flatter tummy
2. Clearer & smoother skin
3. Improve energy levels
4. Reset metabolism
5. Natural weight loss
6. Improve digestive health
7. Improve insulin sensitivity
8. Boost immunity
9. Reduce cravings
10. Improve whole body well-being...

Cleansing plan:
Rise and shine: Drink 500ml of plain water
Breakfast: Cleanse & Shape x2
Mix with 250ml of water

In between: Drink 1 liter of plain water
Lunch: Cleanse & Boost x2
Mix with 250 ml of water

In between: Drink 1 liter of plain water
Dinner: Cleanse & Beauty x2
Mix with 250 ml of water

After dinner: Drink 500ml of plain water...

If neede, snack on healthy fruits and vegetables...

For flatter tummy...
The passion fruit taste is so yummy!~
Love this very much!~

Balance body pH...
Kiwi tasted so refreshing!~
Still delicious!~

Last but not least,
Canberry to beautify skin...

The whole process cleanse off toxins...

As you know,
Mummy never on diet...
She did eat in between...
But the results is still great!~
The most important part is:
These smoothies are super duper yummy to drink!!!~
Simply love the taste of these wellness smooth'd...
It's health jump start and reset!
With amazing results...
It is so easy...
A delicious & trendy way to detox!~

For more information on Kinohimitsu's products,
Hop over to Watsons store

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