Friday, November 11, 2016

Lemuel beauty all in one cleansing tissue

 Lemuel Beauty,
"Convenience Cosmetics in Your Hands'
Is from Korea...
Targeting customers that are mainly busy people,
Regardless of gender...

Lemuel Beauty All in One Cleansing Tissue,
Is an all natural cleasing tissue,
That is soft and moist...

It is, individually packed for hygiene,
Moisturizes and nourishes,
Patented natural substance,
Natural fabric (tissue)
Contains Rooibos Essence,

Which is commonly known as 'Red Bush'
In South Africa...
It's benefits are:
Prevents skin disorders,
Reduce bacterial infections,
Promote Healthy skin,
Boost immune ssytem
And improves blood circulation..

Each package contains of 2 pieces of tissue.

Use the first tissue that has grove lines,
To wipe away all make up.
No force is needed,
Be gentle to skin.

After shower,
May just rinse face with water,
Towel dry and use the 2nd tissue,
Wiping it over face,
And let it dry naturally.

Ready for bed..
No need to apply anything else..
Easy isn't it?

For more information,
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