Tuesday, November 22, 2016

RockStar Gym Rock-Out Workout

RockStar Gym,
For Kids and Teens,
Is now officially launched,
In Mines Shopping Mall....

Group photos...
With all the VIPs,
Including CEO of RockStar Gym, John Franklin,
COO of Rockstar Gym, Kwangho Choi,
Mr Marran and their main instructors:
Carol, Ipit and Nadia...
Together with all the cuties!~

Stylish post,
By Sasha Saidin and her little Adam...
Let's Rock-out Workout...

A wonderful session,
With the little guests....

Mascots and staff of RockStar Gym,
The team beyond the teaching expertise:
Various programmes and activities are coached,
Following international competitive standards,
Or syllabus set by their respective bodies...
RockStar Gym's programmes stands out,
As their classes are conducted,
Surrounding values to build,
A positive environment,
By creating winning possibilities,
For all children,
By defining success..
As each child's "Personal Best"
Allowing each child's physical development,
To take place at their own place...

The programmes are focused,
Fun, exciting and safe,
Catered to the development stages,
Of children as demonstrated through,
At the launch of their newest Club in The Mines...

For more information,
Visit www.rockstar-gym.com

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