Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Sporting Fun with Carrie Junior 'Sukan Ria' Collection

Lots of kiddos,
Are glued to gadgets...

Sports are so important...
As kids naturally love to play,
And they should be encouraged to be active...

Carrie Junior designed 6 cute toy figurines,
Called 'Sukan Ria'
To help children,
To develop their imaginative minds...

As Carrie Junior defines the fun of bath time,
It also encourages children to learn,
To embrace the positive value of social interaction..
As they play the toys,
In creative and imaginative ways...

A total of 6 toy figurines:
The elephant that loves football,
The fastest tortoise on the running tracks,
The toughest bear,
The skilful raccoon in hockey,
The agile monkey that returns every shoot,
And a sports trophy,
Will each be randomly packed,
In every 700ml Carrie Junior Product..

The new toy collectibles will be hidden,
In a 'secret chamber'
Which will house the mystery collectible toy figurine...

The excitement of unravelling the mystery toy,
Would encourage kids to explore...

Time for board game,
After our fun bath time....

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