Thursday, May 17, 2018

Eubos Shampoo

Eubos Shampoo,
Urea 5%
Dermatological tested...
From 100comments,

It's great shampoo...
Say bye bye to dandruff,
After using it...

Clear texture and smells nice...
Leaving hair so smooth...

It is mild..
And provide cleansing and care,
For dry, itchy scalp..
And hair that requires special attention..

It contains panthenol, lactic acid,
Oligofructose, sea minerals,
And skin related lipds (derived from sunflower)
To protect the skin's natural barrier..
And relieves itching,
Improves luster and compability, too!

UREA has many benefits,
It is extremely hydrating and moisturizing...
And it really helps to bring relief to dry skin..
It is a natural skin moisturizer,
And has outstanding cleansing ability function..
It is powerful hydrating properties,
And skin becomes smoother and more elastic..

Love this product...

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