Friday, October 5, 2018

Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask at Althea

It's Althea unboxing time!~
My beauty box is full with masks!~

It's truly a really amazing experience,
When masking comes with Gold!!~
It's Goldtox time!~

Experiencing Pure Gold Treatment...
Luxury isn't it???

This luxury mask,
Helps to reduce aging effects of stress...

The gold ion is very similar to a light voltage in the body,
Which activate skin function..
When it touches the skin,
It infuses into skin layer,
To make skin healthy and vivid...

Piolang 24K Gold Wrapping Mask function:
-Purifies skin
-Revitalize skin
-Energize skin
-Remove bad cells

How to use:
1. Use the spatula to take out the required amount.
2. Apply evenly on your face (You may use a brush to assist)
3. Wait for it to dry up.
4. Peel off from bottom to up, gently with fingertips..

A little bonus here:
I get an Aloe Everyday Mask,
To moisture my skin!~

It's truly a pleasure,
Go go, Althea Angels!
Time to shop in Althea, again!~


  1. Piolang 24k gold mask is good. It clear off the dirt on my skin. And maintain a good moisture.

  2. I never try anything with gold before. Althea is my fav online beauty store.

  3. Wow! So tempting to give it a try.

  4. the mask seems so nice to use. 24k gold very luxurious

  5. interesting maskkk...i shall try it too!

  6. I've tried the gold mask before in the past. It was interesting having my face look like gold!

  7. I have tried the gold wrapping mask before and its really good, worth the buy.