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Yesterday night, While mummy's singing lullaby to me, Kor kor offers to sing song for me...... His selection of song: Five little ducks went out one day, Over the hills and faraway.... ............... I had sweet dreams and nice sleep...... This morning... I try to call my kor kor: Ghee Gher ghor kor khor...... Little bit sounds like kor kor~~~ And he gives me the sweetest smile......

Star Letter

Mummy's letter's published, In Drypers Parents' Circle, January - March 2010 Issue... Together with the photos, Of the happy meals she prepared , For my kor kor..... Drypantz for me!~ New books for me, too!~ Ain't the books same as the previous one ? Nope... Similar but different books!~ Thanks to SCA Hygiene, Thanks to drypers!~ Thanks to Jasmine!~ :)

Carry me!

I loves it, When the adults, Carry and hug me...... Everytime when they're busy, I'll call for attention... Starting from whispering, To screaming and shouting..... When they look at me, I'll try to push my buttock up, Kicking my leg, And open my arms...... Hinting them to carry me...... This morning, While mummy's carrying me...... My kor kor said: Mummy, why you carry my mei mei? She's my mei mei... MINE, not yours!~

Go Away Rashes

It's been very hot... Lots of rashes pops out, All over my body... Red red rashes~~~~~~~ After bathing with 'snake grass'(Direct translation from chinese), The body's rashes gone... But, Red rashes on my face still remain.. Oh No!!! Just went for my vaccination, Pediatrician give me HCT cream...... Hopefully, All the rashes will vanished in no time, After applying the cream... Rashes, rashes, Go Away!~

Keeping Warm

Mummy's been looking for a good tumbler, For keeping hot water warm..... To make my nen nen during outings... Finally, She found this!~ Beautiful, handy, Easy to carry, Able to keep warm for a long time... Very nice one....


Ball ball is kid's best toy!~ Especially ball with sounds~~~~~~ I learn to grab it, I learn to turn it, I learn to make the sound, My kor kor loves to play balls, too... He can kick it, He can throw it, He can bounce it..... :)

Fit Fit Hurray Programs

Fit Fit Hurray Programs Schedule 9.55a.m. Mickey Mousekersize 10.25a.m. Dance-a-lot Robot 10.55a.m. Tasty Time with Zefronk 11.25a.m. Adventures in Nutrition with Captain Carlos 11.55a.m. Tasty Time with Zefronk 12.25p.m. Dance-a-lot Robot 12.55p.m. Adventures in Nutrition with Captain Carlos Mummy's Review is giving away, Playhouse Disney's Goodies bag!~ THREE (3) lucky subscribers will win a set of exclusive Playhouse Disney goodies each (something like the ones I received)! This is how to participate: Subscribe to Mummy’s Reviews™ in a reader or via email (existing subscribers counted) Send an email to mummy's reviews with the following information: Your name Facebook nickname, if any Watch the Fit Fit Hurray programs with your preschooler. Tell me which is his/her favourite program and why. If you are a new reader, mention how you got to know of this Giveaway Blog / Website URL, if any To get EXTRA entries: 1 extra entry: Become Mummy’s Reviews™ fan on Fac


I love it, When mummy hug me, After my milk milk session... For burping...... I always turn and turn my face, Until my lips finally found mummy's cheek... Oh yes! I want to kiss my mummy.... Mummy said this is her sweetest moment!!!