Monday, May 10, 2010


Ball ball is kid's best toy!~
Especially ball with sounds~~~~~~

I learn to grab it,
I learn to turn it,
I learn to make the sound,

My kor kor loves to play balls, too...
He can kick it,
He can throw it,
He can bounce it.....



  1. Yeah playing ball gives good exercise to your hand coordination. So play more! Next time can slam dunk together with your kor kor. :)

  2. Ohh, I have 2 of this at home... a hand me down for my boy from his Jie Jie, they like it a lot!^-^

  3. I have few pre-loved balls also. Can't wait until my son knows how to grab and play with them!

  4. Both my kids love to play ball too! Maybe kids love round thing?

  5. cheeyee, hehe! Slam dunk with kor kor...

    smallkucing, :)

    Alice, wow! 2 somemore..

    七月的秘密, very soon..

    mNhL, I think so... and they enjoy it, right?