Friday, May 7, 2010

First Turnover

My very first turnover,
All by myself,
Without any assistance from anyone......
@3pm 7May2010

Bravo little princess!~


  1. yeay! surely look like a tortoise rolling over.. a cute one indeed! bravo :D

  2. fast 4 motnhs...good for you little princess!

  3. Hey there, here wishing you a great and happy guess what?............mother day for sure, and may you continue to enjoy being a mom and may the good Lord bless you with loads and loads of good health, wisdom and strength to being a mom,,,

  4. hello..thanks for coming by.. Happy Mother's Day to you.. have a nice sunday with the king, prince and princess!

  5. Good job Little princess! From now on mummy has to keep extra eyes on you!;)

    Happy Mother's day!

  6. Well done, Princess! And Happy Mama's Day to your mummy! :)

  7. Wow bravo! A great milestone achieved just in time for a present to mommy for the Mother's Day.

    Happy Belated Mother's Day to mommy. :)

  8. wow...mama even took note on the time !!!

  9. Merryn, my little cute tortoise..

    smallkucing, 5 months d.. :)

    Thanks Eugene!~

    Reanaclaire, TQ!

    Alice, Oh yes, I need extra eyesssss!

    Chloe, happy mother's day to your mummy, too!

    Cheeyee, my mother's day gift from little princess...

    mNhL, yup.. I record down the time and date and place for all milestones achieved, For his big brother also.. :)