Monday, November 1, 2010

First Halloween Party

Attended my very first Halloween Party,
Together with buzz lightyear kor kor....

During the party,
I'm Minnie Mouse......

I didn't participate in the Action Hero Costume Contest,
I just wear my minnie attire to join the fun!

Buzz did win something for me...
A brand new Barbie!
Thanks kor kor...
Toy R Us! At first, Mummy did a bit worry, If I'll feels scared of the mascot... But not at all..... I super duper enjoy the fun-filled party! ;)


  1. Wah Barbie doll!!! You so lucky! I never have any Barbie doll when I was young, now also don't have. Only have a doll something like this, as a present from my parents for being a best student in the kindy. That's my only doll.

  2. wow, ur costume so nice, Mummy shuld show us the photo of u in the outfit mah...hehe

  3. Kor Kor so geng! Must go hop to him right away!;) I'm sure you looked stunning in the party!^-^

  4. cheeyee, Barbie is my favourite when I was small.. I still have my Barbie well-kept, going to pass to my daughter when she grows up a bit...

    Wyson and Alice, I've posted their photos in the cute outfit in my son's blog: