Monday, November 29, 2010

Look-alike Contest

During the weekend,
We went to 1st Malaysia Baby, Children & Parents Expo.....
(Such a long expo name..... )
The expo is a big success,
With lots of crowds..........

Mummy and me are shortlisted,
In this Look-alike contest,

When mummy and me are on the stage,
I'm not so comfortable with the noisy sound,
From another event with the lion dance.......

We won consolation prizes!
Avent magic cup + milk container,
Baby cereals hamper from Ninolac.....

And Mon Liza Baby shooting package......
With the term and condition of must redeem it during the expo?!
The contest ended around 4pm on the last day of the expo.....
I'm so exhausted and headed home right after the contest,
We didn't even notice the term&condition until we're back at home.....

Thanks to TCE for organizing such a successful expo,
Thanks to Pa&Ma for selecting us as shortlisted participants!


  1. Congrat!

    Baby and you must be very photogenic..up in magazine and won prize too..We never have such luck. :(

  2. Gratz! So u miss the shooting package?