Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meeting Gwen Tennyson!

Kor kor is Ben10 fans......
I'm Gwen10 fans.......

While wearing Ben shirt for kor kor,
He told mummy,
But mei mei no Gwen's shirt, how?
It's perfectly ok,
I still able to attend,
Ben10 Boot Camp,
To meet Gwen Tennyson!~

The one and only game,
I enjoy so much!
I stayed beside the ball poll for so long......
And I still refuse to go other places to play,
Even after played the balls for so long.....

Guess what,
When Gwen appeared,
I look and look at Gwen,
With my eyes widely open!~
Even daddy want to took photos for us,
I didn't look at the camera......
And I hands out my hand......
So that Gwen shakes my hand!~
And she did!
I shake hand with Gwen Tennyson!


  1. LOL, paiseh... thanks Little Princess, else auntie won't know who is Gwen Tennyson!^-^

  2. Ben is more famous than Gwen.. :)

    The questions they ask is even more tough, like what's Ben10's gf's FULL name.. No idea at all.. haha~