Monday, November 22, 2010

My Very First Step

My very first step,
20 November 2010,
8pm at home.........

It just happen so naturally!~

Of course,
Right after my first step,
I sit down back.......

Can't walk too many steps in a time yet.......

No rush,
I can walk, run and jump,
Very soon~~~~~~~~~


  1. did your mummy managed to video your 1st step?

  2. Congratulation, soon mommy will have a hard time chasing you around!^-^

    Have a nice day ya!

  3. Gratz! Soon you can have more fun running and jumping with kor kor! :)

  4. smallkucing, it happens too fast, not prepared to get a camera.. Didn't record in cam, but it's in my memory.. haha!~

    Alice, oh yes, good for mummy also, can become slimmer... haha!~

    cheeyee, yes, definitely!

  5. Good job, baby. Soon, your mummy will be very busy chasing after you! :)