Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Birthday Party

My very first birthday party.......

Would like to thank everyone,
For their sweet and warm birthday wishes,

Would like to express my gratitude,
For all the lovely toys and gifts!
Love it very much!~

Would like to thank all the adults,
For the angpows as well!~

Would like to thank all the kids,
For playing with me during the party.....
I might be a bit shy and clingy to mummy,
But I did enjoy myself with all your accompaniment.....

Not to forget,
To thank Meg Jie Jie.....
(Kor Kor said not Aunty Meg, is Meg Jie Jie)
For all her lovely shoots during the party!

Mummy super love this shoot by Meg Jie Jie.....
I was busy playing with lots of balloons,
Which I called 'balls'.....
Mummy said my eyes are shining,
And they really can 'talk' in this photo...

You can view more of my party shoots in MegCheahStudio's blog


  1. Happy birthday to you, Little Princess! Time flies indeed. Wish you happiness and good health all year round! :)

  2. Happy 1st birthday, baby Vynn! That photo is really lovely :)

  3. Happy Birthay to you, may you grow up into an intelligent, buautiful and heart warming girl!^-^

  4. Such a joyous occasion! Wish u a very happy birthday indeed!

  5. Happy Birthday to PP ie. Pretty Princess:)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday! Nice princess dress!