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Seasons Greetings Photography

A shoot full of Xmas feel..... By Megcheahstudio ...... I just celebrated my Xmas weekend, With wonderful fire-crackers and met Santa, @Malacca~~~~~~ How's ur Christmas? Wish all of you, Happy Thanksgiving!~ Happy New Year, too!~ May 2012 be the great brand new year for everyone!~

Lavera Baby

Participated in BabyTalk Malaysia, X'mas Giveaway....... Won Lavera Baby talk, On the 2nd day!~~~~~ This is mummy's winning phrase: A body lotion just ideal for their sensitive skin; A tooth gel just perfect for strawberry-lovers in the house... :) Thanks BabyTalk, Thanks Lavera Baby!~


My very first visit to KLIA...... Nope, We're not flying to anywhere for the school holiday..... Someone we love are flying back to Sydney~~~~~~~ We're just visit the airport and hug them goodbye~~~~~~ I still as excited, Even we're not on the plane this time...... Walking around the huge airport!~ Seeing the big big aeroplanes!~

Caterpillars on ears?

It's my big gu gu's big day~~~~~ Since it's special event, For our family~~~~~~~ My everyday-no-make-up mummy also make up!~~~~~~ My very first line, When I see mummy's face with the make up: Mummy, why you 'paint' your face??? She wore this earrings... That she think suite and fit her dress colour...... My very first question, After I saw her wearing the earrings: Mummy, why you put caterpillar on your ears???


Very simple birthday celebration, @ Fullhouse....... Just with daddy, mummy and kor kor~~~~ Superb yummilicious mushroom soupy!~ Love the taste of the chicken!~ Sausages, Fully sapu by me and kor kor...... We ordered nasi lemak, too!~ Too delicious until we finish off the nasi, Without snapping any photo.. ;)

Birthday Games

On my birthday, Mummy bring me and kor kor, To play lots and lots of games..... This is so fun!

Happy 2nd Birthday

It's my 2nd birthday!~~~~~~ My birthday cake: From little baby... To beautiful pretty girl girl~~~~~~ My birthday presents..... Doodling time!~ Ban Leng leng time!~~~~~~

United Buddy Bears

We're off to Pavilion, To see the famous United Buddy Bears .... I was attracted to Moldova bear..... As my wai gong and wai po, Just bought Euro Chocolate from the Europe trip..... See what's all in Moldova's bear's eyes....... One bear that we definitely won't miss out: Malaysia bear: With multi-races people on the bear, Bunga Raya and rafflesia in the front; KL tower and KLCC shadow plus sea turtle @ the back of the bear!~ Very yao yeng bear bear... I thought I saw: Aladdin's magic carpet?!~ China Buddy Bear... Mummy said, Every bear is painted by different artists..... To represent the uniqueness of the different countries~~~~~~ Cute and meaningful buddy bears!~

Sustagen's Chef

Kor kor and me, Transform into a chef, To play games, @ Sustagen Nutritional Land ... We're all given, A very cute tall chef's hat!~ We really looks like professional chef in it!~ After understanding meat and fish, Are our main protein source of food..... We're having super fun time, BBQ-ing!~ Bread as source of carbohydrate... Having fun toasting the huge bread!~ Choosing vegetables and fruits, To blend in the fibre blend.... Fun fun fun!~

KFC Safari Explorer

Enjoying coconut bowling, @ KFC Chicky Carnival - Safari Explorer...... A mini petting zoo, With Big long white snakes and iguana, And also cute little rabbits and little ducklings..... Feels free to snap photos, With colourful birdie of your choices... :) The jungle racers, Racing for the championship!~ Catching fishy!~ I love this game the most!~

Puss In Boots

Happy and excited Wednesday!~ As it's another movie day for me...... This time, We're watching Puss In Boots!~~~~~~ It's not only my movie time, But also pop corn time...... Yummy!!!~ Enjoying eating while watching movie...

Happy Feet 2

After well-behavior during my first movie day ... We're off to my second movie in the cinema: Happy Feet 2...... This time, I watched the show, From beginning until the end...... Excitedly....... Love the music and songs in the movie!~ After the movie session, The very next morning, I told everyone I saw: I went to cinema see penguin show yesterday!~ Coming up next, Puss in Boots!~~~~~~ More movies for me!~~~~~~~ At age 1++, I enjoyed movie sessions, Earlier than my kor kor.....

Healthy Digestive Journey

We're off to Sunway Pyramid, For Vitagen Healthy Digestive Journey..... Enter the huge mouth..... Taking tongue taste test..... Not sure of the answer? Can always refer to the 'tips' here.. For the answer...... New mission: Shooting the bad bacteria!~ It's definitely fun!~ Great memory game, To test our memory.... Last but not least, Some 'ball-kicking' exercises..... After completing all the missions, And getting all the chops... We get a little activity booklet + a bottle of vitagen..... :)


I requested mummy to 'paint' my nail...... When I see almost everybody's nails, are coloured and with nail art...... During preparation for my big gu gu's wedding~~~ Mummy said I must sit still, While she coloured my nails, And wait until the colour dried up... I do exactly what she said....... After my manicure session..... Mummy give me another pedicure session!~~~~~ I keep on showing everybody I met, Very proudly, My beautiful nails~~~~~~~~~

Toothpick Fun

Every time when we dine out..... While we're waiting for our food to be served, Kor kor and me likes to play with the toothpick..... We don't just only play with it...... We actually love to put the toothpick, Into some alphabet we learnt... We don't waste our time waiting for food..... We can play and in the same time, Learning, too!~~~~~~ It's super fun!~~~~~~ You'll be surprise, If I tell you whose idea it is... Not daddy not mummy, But my kor kor's!!!~ He really can always, Come up with many fun things, To play together with me!

Musical Concert

The very first concert, I attended...... The main reason I'm attending is: My kor kor is performing...... Kor kor blogged about it, In his very own blog , too!~ I really like those dancing butterfly jie jie, During the opening dance!~

Planting Bean

Kor kor and me is having a project: Growing Beans....... We observed how our beans grow each day... And it's all grown up!~ Bravo to the little bean!~


Since I love to sing so much , Daddy and mummy decided to bring me, For trial music class some times ago, And now I've been attending Musicgarten's class: Family Music for Toddlers, For weeksssss....... I enjoyed the 30-minutes session so much!~ I participated actively, And always smile throughout the session...... Looking forward for the class every week!~ So fun! So enjoyable!~

Aladdin The Musical

Another Musical Inspired by, The Best of West End and Broadway, After Magical Musical ..... It's time...... To take a magic carpet ride.... To discover a whole new world....... Well, I wanted to watch the musical so much, Just because I'm super sure, Aladdin The Musical, Will be a dream-come-true-experience, For anyone who watch it!~ Really looking forward, To meet up with adorable Princess Jasmine...... And keep on wondering if it's possible that, I am able catch up with her, And have a little 'princess' chit-chat session with her~~~~~ I'd loved to do 'behind-the-scene' coverage for you, But my big gu gu's wedding is exactly on the same date!~ Guess 19Nov is really a super hot date, With lots of fantastic events around!~ Anyhow, I'm sure you won't want to miss out the chance, To watch superb Aladdin the Musical , At Sunway Lagoon !~ From 25Nov2011 - 2Jan2012... Just purchase your ticket here ........ Or..... You can start rubbing your