Monday, May 9, 2011

Kleenex - Right choice for princess and all!


Ma, I wan ssue (tissue)!~~~~~~~~~~~~

Guess what?
I think Kleenex®,
A world-leading tissue brand, heard me!~

Ding Dong......
Mr Postman rang our door bell:
A parcel with Kleenex® Comfort Kit:
With specially designed,
Vintage-themed Kleenex® facial tissues...
And a soft pillow with a touch of comfort...
Delivered right to my door-step......

One of the mummy blogger asked,
Why you received your parcel so late?
Since she received hers 2 weeks ago......

Doesn't matter early or late,
It comes just in the right time:
Just when I need it!~
Just when my previous tissue box is empty!~

I hate having running nose......
I don't want to look like a clown......
I just don't want to see,
My little nose nose transform into little red nose......
Kleenex® product is my 'secret' solution......
No more red nose after using it!~

Lookíng at these tissue,
You must be thinking:
You naughty little princess,
See what a mess you'd made......

You won't be scolding me for the 'mess',
If you know what exactly I'm doing......
I'm just doing a real-life-experiment:
Testing how strong Kleenex® tissue is......

Kleenex® tissue is very soft,
It's definately very very strong.....
It requires a lot of hand and fingers coordination,
In order for me to 'peel' the tissue into pieces.....
A very good training for one-year-old baby like me!~

It's time to put on my thinking cap,
And comes up with brilliant idea.....
Let's see,
What can we do with the pieces of tissues.....

With mummy's help,
I stick the tissues into a heart shape,
Making a card,
Especially for my wai po,
For her coming soon birthday.....

Let me tell you how good is this......
Newly improved Kleenex® tissues,
Which is available in facial and bath tissues,
Of top quality in 2 and 3-ply options,
Made with 100% pure virgin fibre,
And uses innovative technology,
To deliver improved softness and strength......

You know,
I'm sweet little princess,
With sensitive skin......
I need super duper soft comfy tissue,
Which are hypoallergenic........
Kleenex® product is my top favourite!~

The very best part is,
When it's wet,
It'll never leave any residue or crumbling on my face!~
I'll always stay as beautiful as I'm...
Hahahahahh~~~ *Shy*

Daddy can use it to wipe his sweating face,
Mummy can use it to remove her make up,
Kor kor can use it during his art time....

For me,
What I love most is:
It's softer touch provides much-needed relief,
To my sensitive nose,
Tender from repeated wiping!~

All of us use it,
All of us love it!~

No point just reading my post telling you how good it is...
Go grab a box or a pack,
Of improved Kleenex® Facial and Bath Tissues,
And feels it's softness, strength, comfortness................
100% guarantee,
You'll love it,
Just as much as I did!~

Kleenex® Facial and Bath Tissues,
Which available in the market:

Specially designed Vintage-themed Kleenex® facial tissues,
Is back by popular demand.....
Fresh new look featuring a more vibrant rose-inspired packaging,
@ all major supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies nationwide.

Kleenex® 2 and 3-ply Facial Tissues are available in boxes and pocket packs;
Kleenex® 2 and 3-ply Bath Tissues are available in Jumbo and Mega pack formats.

If you have any further questions,
Remember to call Kimberly-Clark Consumer Care-line,
At 1-800-82-1188 (toll-free),
On weekdays from 9am to 5pm......
I won't be the one answering your phone call,
But I'm sure there's sweet voice jie jie and cute kor kor,
Always stand by during office hour,
To answer all your queries!~


  1. 做么你拿的产品有那么多的?。。。我只有你第一张图而已??

  2. Wow, so much goodies, congratulation!

  3. hahaha.. guess nothing come handy when the nose is running ya... My princess just love the pillow..

  4. Lucky princess!! Hmm.. how come everyone is receiving freebies from Kleenex?

  5. I saw few mommy's blogger received it too...jz wondering how do you guys get it?..

  6. cutemum, I also only got a pack of tissue and the pillow only.

    Alice, tq!

    Cynthia, u're right..

    Yvonne, Mery, guess it's from the same source.. :)