Thursday, May 26, 2011

Playground @ Lake Garden

Love the playground in Lake Garden so much!~
From castle to ginger breadman,
From dinasaur to shoe.....
They have lots of cute design.....

There's a lot of different stories,
On the Fantasy Planet Board...

The princess story.....

You can imagine,
How much fun,
Me and my kor kor had,
During our Wesak day's holiday...
With such a beautiful playground!~


  1. nice...must go there one of these days. Still have deer there ka?

  2. Frankly even I (my mom) stayed quite close to lake garden, I didn't knw about ths place... wait, is this lake garden Taman Perdana Negara in K.L?

  3. My gal's kindy likes to bring the children there during their outings. It is a very nice place. :)

  4. smallkucing, didn't spot any deer o..

    Alice, I think it is.. haha!

    cheeyee, agree, it's very nice..