Monday, July 18, 2011

Mission Accomplished

We're at the finishing spot,
Of Jacob's Walk of life.....
With the Jacob's biscuit mascot.......

We did bring long my stroller,
But I just sit for a while.....
When I see everyone is walking,
I told daddy and mummy,
I want to walk..........

Kor kor walk for a while only,
He said he's tired.....
He's the one who sit most of the time,
In my stroller instead.......

Last but not least,
Goodies bags for everybody!~

Our very first family walk........


  1. Wah, mei mei is so "li hai"! Can walk more than kor kor :) Well done for finishing the walk. How many km was it?

  2. run princess run :)

  3. This is wht I call 'hit 2 birdies with 1 stone'! Get healthier at the mean time hv bundles of gifts, lol!

  4. Chloe, forgot how many km, daddy registered....not very far actually,

    Luciana, thanks for sharing. We're aware of the giant one, but pre-book for vacation for that date already..

    Alice, good hor.. :)