Thursday, July 28, 2011


Probably inherit from my kor kor,
I love to ask W-H-Y questions, too!~

Mummy's the one answering all our W-H-Y.....
But recently,
Got one new genius will answering my questions.......

Kor kor will come up with,
All his becauses........
To satisfied my W-H-Y........

Good for mummy,
She can stop answering,
And rest for a while.....
No more cracking head,
Trying to figure out answer for me.....
The new genius will do the job instead...


  1. You got a very helpful assistant! haha

    Must be very cute hearing 2 kids talking to each other....

  2. LOL...Littke prince can teach Mei Mei sing Anita Mui's Song "Why why tell me why" or Aaron Kwok's song "Tell Me why" :p

  3. So nice if kor kor! I am soooo tired of answering all the 'why' questions too.

  4. So young start to ask "Why" already?

  5. mNhL, LoL, always make me laugh listening to their conversation...

    smallkucing, haha~ they dunno how to sing both song..

    adrine, finally i can rest for a while answering why questions.. haha~~

    Darren, she started to ask quite some times ago.. and she loves to ask why, just like her brother..