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Happy 'School' Day

Every morning, When mummy send kor kor to school... I'll asked: Why only kor kor goes to school? Why I no go to school? Today, I went to see kor kor perform @ his school..... Today is my 'school' day!~ I enjoyed so much, Playing with kor kor's friends~~~~~~~ Happy smiles on my face!~

Baju Raya

I'm going to wear my new baju raya...... To watch kor kor performing, For his Merdeka Raya parade tomorrow....... My baju kurung, Same colour with his baju melayu~~~ Bro-sis baju.. ;)

Kind Princess

Every time, When the adults buy or take, Anything new for me, They need to buy 2x.. One for me, One for kor kor...... But... If kor kor's toy spoil or malfunction first..... Like flat balloons with no more air.. My witty kor kor will exchange his with mine...... I'm perfectly fine with exchanging...... But mummy said kor kor need to get rid of this attitude...... Perhaps, I'm just one kind little princess. :) And I'll always be kind-hearted princess, Especially for my dear kor kor.......

Fly Day!

This weekend, With draw butterfly and bee~~~~~~ Coloured and stick it on the used straw........ I learnt new butterfly song: Fly fly fly the butterfly, In the meadow is flying high, In the garden is flying low, Fly fly fly the butterfly..... And another Xiao Mi Feng song~~~~~~ I prefer butterfly song though...... This is how I fly my butterfly!~

Excuse me..

I know exactly, When I need to use 'excuse me'........ When I wanna pass through and somebody blocked my way...... When I wanna sit on the chair and other people is sitting on it...... Right after I sneeze, Right after I 'fart'.. ops~~~~~~ Mummy love to hear when I say 'excuse me'... She thinks I pronounced it very cutely!~~~ Sometimes she even blocked my way, Just to hear me say 'excuse me'... My naughty mummy~~~~~ Hmmmm....

Share & Connect

Participated in Dumex Share & Connect Contest..... Mummy's sentence, With Dumex Mama Club, Share & Connect........ Won RM20 Giant voucher.. Time to go shopping~~~~~~~~

Mickey Minnie @ Parenthood

While browsing through Parenthood August 2011, I'm surprise to see the photo, Snapped during Disney Junior Launching Event , Which were featured in Parenthots before.... Was out in Parenthood magazine!~ I'm so excited to see kor kor and myself, Together with Mickey and Minnie in the magazine... I take the magazine and show and point: Kor kor, see, Mickey and you!~ Mummy, see, Minnie and me!~ Daddy, see, me and kor kor!~

Sharing Tips And Experience

3 of mummy's sharing articles, Was published in Drypers Parents' Circle, 2011: Issue 2....... It's all about sharing tips and experience...... Can't wait to receive my complimentary diapers, As well as the mystery gifts....... Thank you so much, Drypers !~

Babytalk Lafe's Giveaway

Babytalk selected our photo and caption, As one of the winners for their giveaway, Based on creativity........ The prizes are: Beauty Impress Lafe's Organic Baby Products ...... Thanks Babytalk!~ Thanks Lafe's

Disney Junior @Parenthots

If you still remember, The fun-filled event we went, To welcome Disney Junior .. Told you, The fun never ends...... As I spotted me and kor kor, Together with Mickey and Minnie, In The Star Parenthots .... Dated 4 July 2011........ :)

Pigeon Cutest Baby

Was pre-selected, To attend Pigeon Cutest Baby Contest, @Parenthood Expo 2011 in Mid Valley... Didn't win big, But I did get consolation prize...... :) The fun part is not about winning or losing.... It's about enjoying and playing on the stage, With other cutie participants!~ :p

Amazing Achievers

We went for Enfagrow A+ Smart Camp - Amazing Achievers.... @ Sunway Pyramid....... DHA Experts: Finding 3 blue balls with DHA.... The brave fire fighter, To save the victim by spelling the words...... I super duper love this fire truck, Keep on want to go in, Even after finish my game..... Matching the correct musical instruments, With the music we heard from the earphone..... Peeping from the telescope, And do some 'space walking'...... I like the ending part: Lots of lots of balls...... Last but not least, Meeting owl owl mascot.....

Angry Bird

My kor kor's feeling grumpy, Frankly speaking, I don't know, Because of what reason... Suddenly, I came out with this statement: My kor kor is an angry bird...... After hearing this........ Everyone burst into laughter, Mummy's wondering..... What makes angry bird so famous...... Until 19-month-baby like me, Also know about angry bird......

Family Trip

Our photo snapped, During our HK Ocean Park trip , Was published on.... July 2011 MamaBaobao Magazine, Consolation prize, For Pureen Family Trip session...... Won Pureen gift set!~


Not only I love to ask why, I can answer the adult's why questions, too!~ I woke up early in the morning...... But my kor kor not yet wake up yet...... I want to play with my kor kor, But mummy doesn't allow me, To 'disturb' kor kor sleeping...... I look at mummy, With my most pity look!~ Mummy: Why you look so pity o? Me: Because..... I want kor kor ma..... I'm really kor kor's mei mei... :p


Little princess appeared, On Guang Ming Newspaper..... Dated 3August 2011..... Together with other cute princesses..... :) Photo was taken, During our visit @ Bukit Tinggi .....

That's Why

Early this morning, Mummy saw our maid taking tissue and wipe her leg..... Mummy: What happen? Maid: Fell down just now.... I over-heard their conversation, And decided to join their conversation....... Me: Walk here walk there, that's why you fall down loh..... Don't think it's funny, But everyone burst into laughter...... I guess I do talk like an adult now... :)

Drypers - Your Story

Mummy wrote about family support she gets, In taking care of me: I wish I have more than two hands after become a mother of two, which is practically impossible. Yet, I’m lucky enough to have helping hands from my parents, hubby and even from my 3-year-old son. My son told me: Mummy, you sit down and rest, I’ll go see mei mei. The funniest thing he did is, he told me he want to feed his mei mei, and starting to pull up his shirt, Just like what I did when I want to breastfeed my little princess! Want to take this opportunity to thank all my family, love them! And her story won her a little crown... Honoured from Drypers Malaysia !~ Thank you for selecting mummy as one of the winners!~