Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Chicken Rice Ball

Chicken Rice Ball,
A must-eat any time going to Malacca......
Mummy decided to go for alternate shop,
But not the one they usually went......
Because of the super duper long Q.......
Slight shorter Q,
But still need to Q-up!~~~~~
Since this is my first time,
Tasting chicken rice ball...
I can't really compare.....

But would prefer,
If it could be served warm......

It's recommended by the famous Ah Xian.....

Dang Dang Dang Dang...
This is the chicken rice ball shop we went!~


  1. love the one opposite OCBC bank.....worth queuing up for nice food. hehe

  2. I prefer chung wah compared to he ji..... But 12noon Q-ing with 2 kids, super duper duper duper long Q... need to stand few jalan from the shop..... That's why we choose alternate.....

  3. Ahhh... Long Q but if it was really tasty, thn should be worth it!

    Btw, just wonder hv u receive your Fisher Price prize, I reckon it has been a month already.

  4. Maybe next round, will still go back to chung wah.. :) Not yet received. How about others?

  5. This is currently the best, even better than the one with super long queue. Somehow that corner shop standard dropped tremendously :(

  6. Chin Nee, oh really? I long time no eat the corner shop 1 anyhow... Thought it's still the best... Then we're lucky enough, to eat the best chicken rice ball that day.. :p