Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Hair Cut

This is my very first hair cut @ Saloon,
After cutting botak during full moon....

All the while,
Mummy or wai po just trim my hair a little bit.....
Since I don't really have a lot of hair also......

Mummy's been waiting too long,
Until she's able to pin some cutie ribbons,
And finally tie my hair.....

Best part is,
I didn't even shed a tear during the hair cutting session...
Probably because,
Kor kor cut his hair before me,
And this time, he never cry, too!~
I follow everything my kor kor does...
My kor kor did show a good example this time...


  1. good girl ! When your hair grew longer, mummy must decorate it for you with cute hair clips!

  2. She is such a brave girl, to date my boy still crying baby while hvg his hair cut!;D

  3. mNhL, she likes that! haha!~

    Alice, I guess she just follow whatever the brother did.. :) As brave as her bro.. haha!