Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I always love schooling......
So happy to have another 'chance',
To go to kor kor's school,
For his birthday celebration @ school......

Right after the celebration,
Kor kor and his classmates went to mandarin classroom,
I wanted to follow,
But kor kor said I cannot go in...
He said I only can go to baby class,
Since I'm still baby~~~~~~~

Kor kor's class teacher,
Is kind enough,
To bring me to 3-year-old baby classroom,
And she bring me to their dramatic corner:
Under the sea!~

I catch so many fishes......
Together with teacher!~
And I'm extremely happy!~

I tell everyone at home:
I go fishing with teacher!~


  1. i foresee u wont be having any trouble enrolling her for next year class...hehe

  2. The kindie is good to set up that fishing corner. So fun!

  3. Chinnee, very fun indeed....

    Iyson, hopefully!~

    mNhL, the dramatic corner is based on the thematic learning the class is having each semester. They'll come up with new things in the corner every sem... Very interesting!