Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malacca River Cruise

My first river cruise,
Kor kor's second.....
With special rate of 50% discount on the tickets,
Since we went on Merdeka day!~~~~~~~

The boat or so-called 'cruise' we're riding on.....
I'm in super duper good mood.....
And keep on singing songs,
Especially 'Row Row Row your boat'.....

Amazing view on the Eye on Malaysia...

The quite new accommodation in Malacca:
Casa De Rio....

And we pass by the 'river bank', too!~


  1. we like the river cruise too, esp at night looking at the lights :)

  2. Ohhh, Merdeka day got 1/2 price, next time must go liao!;D

  3. hm, we brought our kids for boat riding on Merdeka day too, but in The Mines.

    Will go for the Melaka one when we go there next time, hehe...

  4. We missed this river cruise the last time we were there cos it was raining. Looks like a fun one! Next time must go :)

  5. Chinnee, never try night cruise...

    Alice, yup yup.. cheaper..

    Martini, hope your kids enjoy the mines boat riding, too!~

    Chloe, it's fun, don't miss it next round..