Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sand Castle

It's suppose to be kor kor's birthday trip....
But I enjoy together, too!~
PD - beaches, sand castle, swimming......

Daddy's trapping little crab,
On top of our castle.....
To let us have a clearer view on the crab.....

Building a big path,
Our so-called 'river'..
Around our castle.......

So much fun!~


  1. PD's sand very soft. Nice sand castle you have done there.

  2. I'm surprised that PD sand is so nice. I thought you went to the east coast :)

  3. Happy belated Birthday to your kor kor! You must hv enjoyed, kids just couldn't hv enough with water and sand!^^

  4. mNhL, yup~ not bad..

    chinnee, In the middle, on top of the first castle.. haha!~ Small one..

    Chloe, part of the sand are nice only.. hahaha~~