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Drypers New Products

Received two brand new products, Which have not yet been launched, In the market...... From Drypers...... Drypers Baby Wipes And Drypers Baby Head to Toe..... The moment I saw the head to toe, I'm so excited to try on...... Straightaway bring it to pom-pom!~~~~~~ So refreshing!~~~~~~ Thanks Drypers....

Fisher-Price Musical Mobile

Special thanks for Little Sprouts & Aunty Alice , For choosing mummy as the 3rd prize winner ..... You must be wondering, Do I really play with the new born product? I love listening to the nice song played by Musical Mobile, And I really love the soft toys attached, too!~ But, I just keep and wait...... Until my di di is born next year~~~~~ Playing it together with him.... Will be doubled the joy!~ And this will be his very first new toy!~ Thanks to Mattel's Fisher-Price & GO Communications!~


Every little things mummy did for me...... Even as easy as taking my water bottle for me...... I'll thank her with my sweetest voice: Thank you....... Always grateful with what I have..... Mummy think I'm such a sweet sweet girl!~~~~ :)

Star Toddlers

My photo is featured, In Babytalk magazine, October 2011 Issue...... Under Star Toddlers session!~~~ :) The photo was taken by Meg jie jie , Together with lots of colourful balloons..... Thank you for snapping beautiful photos for me.. :)


The launching of Wowloud was held, In Publika Square, Solaris Dutamas..... Not only enjoying the live performance of artists, Also enjoying the food and beverages served..... :) So, What's Wowloud? Wowloud [+everything] music, Instant access to millions of songs.... Best part is, You can try it for FREE now!~ Enjoy the song, Real time, Online, Streaming... :)

Little Singer

I love to sing song... I can sing a lot of songs: My Top 3 english songs are..... Twinkle twinkle little stars, Barney's I love you, Humpty Dumpty..... My Top 3 chinese songs are..... Wo de Bao Bei, Shi Shang Zhi You Ma Ma Hao Xiao Mi Feng..... Guess what, I can sing Malays song, too! My favourite is Satu Malaysia , Taught by my kor kor.... And now...... After listening, To wai gong and wai por's, Hua hee tai's drama every weekday night.... I start singing Hokkien song..... :p Mummy said I'm her multi-language little super star!~ :)

My First Movie

It's definitely a backdated post... But I still want to blog about it: My very very first movie in the cinema!~ I'm super duper excited..... When mummy told me, I'm going to join kor kor, For McQueen show this time!~~~~~~ I'm perfectly ready..... And understand the show..... I concentrating watching the show, Quietly without disturbing anyone....... I did get myself a short nap, During the movie, Probably next round, We should go for earlier show time instead.... :) How's the show? It's totally cool!~ p/s: Picture taken from Cars2 official site