Monday, October 3, 2011

My First Movie

It's definitely a backdated post...
But I still want to blog about it:
My very very first movie in the cinema!~

I'm super duper excited.....
When mummy told me,
I'm going to join kor kor,
For McQueen show this time!~~~~~~

I'm perfectly ready.....
And understand the show.....
I concentrating watching the show,
Quietly without disturbing anyone.......

I did get myself a short nap,
During the movie,
Probably next round,
We should go for earlier show time instead....

How's the show?
It's totally cool!~

p/s: Picture taken from Cars2 official site


  1. Wow, I reckon tht's a very successful movie experience for toddlers like you!^^

  2. Alice, oh yes.. I consider very successful one.. haha!~

    Adrine, I'm glad, too!