Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Aladdin The Musical

Another Musical Inspired by,
The Best of West End and Broadway,
After Magical Musical.....

It's time......
To take a magic carpet ride....
To discover a whole new world.......

I wanted to watch the musical so much,
Just because I'm super sure,
Aladdin The Musical,
Will be a dream-come-true-experience,
For anyone who watch it!~

Really looking forward,
To meet up with adorable Princess Jasmine......
And keep on wondering if it's possible that,
I am able catch up with her,
And have a little 'princess' chit-chat session with her~~~~~

I'd loved to do 'behind-the-scene' coverage for you,
But my big gu gu's wedding is exactly on the same date!~
Guess 19Nov is really a super hot date,
With lots of fantastic events around!~

I'm sure you won't want to miss out the chance,
To watch superb Aladdin the Musical,
At Sunway Lagoon!~
From 25Nov2011 - 2Jan2012...
Just purchase your ticket here........

You can start rubbing your lamp,
Wait for Genie to appear,
And then make a wish to watch Aladdin The Musical.......

Let's see.....
If Genie will granted my wish or your wish?


  1. crossed our fingers..let me know if u get this..we can meet up :)

  2. Didn't get it!~ Maybe I blog too late.. :)