Monday, November 14, 2011

Halloween Party

It's kor kor's school's Halloween Celebrations!~~~~~
I dressed up to join the fun, too!~
Little princess transform into Pirate!~~~~~~
Adoring all the art works around!~
Special thanks to Disney Junior & Pirate Jake,
Indeed Communications & Sophia for my outfit's accesories!~

Everybody looks pretty scary.......
But I'm not scared at all.......

Act really like a pirate!~
Pirate suppose to be brave.....

Sweet little princess snow white,
Went for the Halloween celebrations, too!~

Look who I met in the party:
Caption Hook!~
Aye Aye Caption!~


  1. She looked so cute in her pirate costume and she's such a good girl for not taking off the eye-patch :) I think most kids will find it very "kacau" cos covering one eye :p

  2. Alice, yet to put kor kor's photo up..

    Chloe, I only put the eye-patch on when want to snap photo. After finish snapping photos, she'll automatically take off the eye-patch. At least, still able to snap nice photo with it.. haha!~