Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Feet 2

After well-behavior during my first movie day...
We're off to my second movie in the cinema:
Happy Feet 2......

This time,
I watched the show,
From beginning until the end......
Love the music and songs in the movie!~

After the movie session,
The very next morning,
I told everyone I saw:
I went to cinema see penguin show yesterday!~

Coming up next,
Puss in Boots!~~~~~~
More movies for me!~~~~~~~

At age 1++,
I enjoyed movie sessions,
Earlier than my kor kor.....


  1. have yet to watch. Heard it;s a very good show

  2. wow...not I wish I can bring Isabel to a movie too...what a good girl you have..

  3. yesterday we went for happy feet too. Not bad hor, those penguins are cute!

  4. Smallkucing, nice one...

    Baby Darren, try once la.. Maybe Isabel also can watch until the end of the show leh..

    chinnee, yup.. very cute!