Thursday, November 17, 2011

Toothpick Fun

Every time when we dine out.....
While we're waiting for our food to be served,
Kor kor and me likes to play with the toothpick.....

We don't just only play with it......
We actually love to put the toothpick,
Into some alphabet we learnt...

We don't waste our time waiting for food.....
We can play and in the same time,
Learning, too!~~~~~~
It's super fun!~~~~~~

You'll be surprise,
If I tell you whose idea it is...
Not daddy not mummy,
But my kor kor's!!!~
He really can always,
Come up with many fun things,
To play together with me!


  1. nice learning tool eh..and cheap somemore..hehe

  2. Very creative kor kor, clap clap!

  3. This is really creative, fun and educational!
    Good job :)

  4. Wyson, in fact, it's free, while waiting for our food to come..

    Alice, tq!~

    chinnee, same pattern. haha!~

    Iriene, :)