Monday, December 5, 2011

KFC Safari Explorer

Enjoying coconut bowling,
@ KFC Chicky Carnival
- Safari Explorer......

A mini petting zoo,
With Big long white snakes and iguana,
And also cute little rabbits and little ducklings.....
Feels free to snap photos,
With colourful birdie of your choices...

The jungle racers,
Racing for the championship!~

Catching fishy!~
I love this game the most!~


  1. whuaaa...i missed tis one :(

  2. where did u find out about so many activities for kids?

  3. Luciana, smallkucing, nvm, got lots of other activities to join then..

    Darren, yup. It's super fun..

    Chinnee, this one we know while buying KFC meal for the kids. There's a notice board in KFC about this carnival...