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Kidzania: Theater

'Emergency' case in front of the theater... Theater: the last stop before we headed home... Nope, We didn't enrol in the art academy, Nor the model academy..... However, We just sit back and relax, While enjoying the show, In the theater~~~~~~ Right before we go home, After spending 5 hours in Kidzania .... Of course, Not forgetting, To bank in our kidzos, Before we leave Kidzania...... And remember: You need at least 50 Kidzos, To open an account in CIMB Bank there!~~~~~

Kidzania: The Globe

The globe: Disco Lounge @ Kidzania ..... Well, Not quite sure how this place, Related to 'educational'... But anyhow, It's a unique experience, For 2-year-old-toddler, To go discotheque for the first time..... Enjoying my time swaying and dancing, @ the dance floor.....

Kidzania: Urbano's House

While kor kor's working hard , I spend my time @ Urbano's house.... Enjoying my sand-playing time, But suddenly an elder kid come, And keep on splashing the sand on other kids...... Mummy have no choice, But to urge me to play other things..... The kitchen is the place, I enjoyed most..... With little fridge, little oven, Mini cooker, mini coffee maker etc..... I really think that I'm a little chef, Who prepare yummy food for mummy!~ The living room with puppet show~~~~~ But there's no show on, By the time we're there..... We have no idea on where to check the schedule, As no Zupervisors are around for us to ask....... Anyhow, We headed to Urbano's toilet, With a very huge bath-tub full of balls..... You can imagine how much fun I had there!~ Last but not least, A sweet bed room, With air-filled bed..... Of course, I didn't sleep there, As I didn't feel sleepy at all... There's more to explore @ Kidzania !~

Kidzania: Urbano's School

The photo of role playing: Little nurse, Which giving mummy and me, Complimentary tickets to visit Kidzania~~~~~ However, @ Kidzania, Toddler age 1-3 years old, Can't find much job to be done...... As most of the job minimum requirement: 4 years old ++........ Including to be a nurse...... Anyhow, I still enjoy my time, As much as my kor kor does ..... A lot of educational games to play, @ Urbano's school...... Musical instruments that I love to play!~ I tried and love to play ALL!~ The little white piano, Is still my top favourite!~~~~~~~ Let's see what's my kor kor doing , While I'm in the school...... ;)

I'm Going to Kidzania!

Kai!!! Feels so cool, To receive this invitation....... We're going to Kidzania !!!~~~~~ Well, We only will be going, If mummy still not yet deliver didi, On that particular date.....